Reference project WT222

TU Braunschweig (DLR)

At the TU Braunschweig, the German Aerospace Center (contact Christian Mendigthe wind tunnel WT222 was built. The wind tunnel is characterized by a very high contraction and the stainless steel construction.


  • Very high contraction of 25
  • Encapsulated test section
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Suitable for operation in an icing chamber

Product description

Basic structure
The WT222 consists of a stainless steel profile welded construction and stainless steel sheets. The individual components of the WT222 can be separated from one another by locking clamps and can be easily moved on rollers that are attached to the feet.

The WT222 is driven by a vibration-decoupled axial fan. The fan, which is mounted on spring shock absorbers, is connected to the wind tunnel via canvas flanges.

Flow preparation
At the air inlet, turbulence is prevented by two sieves with optimal distance from one another. Furthermore, irregularities in the flow direction of the incoming air are suppressed in a honeycomb rectifier. In a nozzle, the nozzle geometry of which corresponds to a 7th order polynomial, the flow is prepared and any turbulence that may be present is suppressed.

The measurement in the wind tunnel takes place in an encapsulated test section. The test section can be operated as a closed test section or as an open test section with a pressure chamber. The inside of the test section can be seen through glass windows. The recording of flow characteristics using optical measurement methods, e.g. PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) or LDA (Laser Doppler Anemometry) is possible without any problems.

The wind tunnel is used to study carbon-fiber wings. For this it is necessary to simulate icing and deicing processes on the test object. Therefore the WT222 is moved in and out of an icing chamber using rollers.


Design type Open loop in icechamber
Measuring cross section 400 x 400 mm
Measuring length 800 mm
Top speed 42 m/s
Turbulence level 1 %

Datasheet WT222 with closed testsection

Measurement results

Measure complete xls

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Windspeed in m/s

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