Reference project WT342(c)

INTA Madrid (National Institute of Aerospace Engineering)

Versatile Eifel wind tunnel from the Baltic Windtunnel – segmented structure for easy shipping – with large, easily accessible test section

  • measurements at speeds up to 36 m/s
  • high contraction of 9
  • large, easily visible test section
  • silencer for noise reduction
  • movable structure

The WT342(c) offers a cost-effective option to install a wind tunnel with a spacious test section in a laboratory environment. It is delivered in individual segments (on rolls and including a bolting plan), so that on-site assembly by our engineers is no longer necessary.

To suppress turbulence, the wind tunnel has a honeycomb rectifier in a honeycomb cassette, followed by three screens. These are accessible for cleaning via inspection flaps.
The nozzle with a contraction of 9 accelerates the flow in the 400 x 400 x 2000 mm test section to up to 36 m/s (130 km/h).

The ingenious design of the diffuser enables the flow to be guided without detachment to the vibration-decoupled axial fan in the shortest possible space.

To reduce noise emissions, an absorption silencer is installed downstream of the fan.

The system is controlled using a potentiometer or, for an additional charge, centrally using the proven wind tunnel control BWT-Control, conveniently via touch panel. A wind tunnel scale is also available as an option.


Type Open Loop
Measuring cross section 400 x 400 mm
Measuring length 2000 mm
Max. windspeed 36 m/s
Turbulence level 0,5% @ 19 m/s

Datasheet WT342(c)

Segmentdimensions WT342(c)

Boltingplan WT342(c)