Reference project WT325

The wind tunnel WT325 is characterized by the large test section with excelent insight, the supply voltage of 230V and the mobility via rollers.The WT325 enables the measurement of components according to Federal Motor Safety Standard 108 (FMVSS108).


  • Measurement according to FMVSS108
  • Large measuring cross section of 1000 x 1000 mm
  • Supply voltage 230V
  • Mobile via rollers
  • Optimal insight of the test section by acrylic windows

Product description

Basic Structure
The WT325 consists of a steel profile welded construction and galvanized sheet metal. The additional painting gives the wind tunnel an attractive appearance and is also protected against corrosion. The wind tunnel can be moved freely via lockable rollers.

The WT325 is driven by an axial fan, which is located behind the test section. The windspeed in the test section can be set using a digital potentiometer. Power is supplied via a conventional 230V socket.

Flow Prepartion
At the air inlet, the air enters a collecting funnel into the test section. In doing so, it passes two sieves, which prevents turbulence. After opening two quick-releases the unit consisting of the collecting funnel and sieve can be pivoted open, to easily place testobjects in the testsection.

The measurement in the wind tunnel takes place in a closed measuring chamber. The inside of the measuring chamber can be seen through two acrylic windows, which can be dismounted using knurled screws. Both windows can be covered separately by blinds so that photos of the inside of the measuring chamber can be taken without any problems. During the measurement, the measuring object is on a height-adjustable plate in which a 50×50 mm grid is milled. This allows the position of the measurement object to be precisely defined. The accessories for the wind tunnel include an instrument for measuring the wind speed, which is inserted into the holes provided in the acrylic windows.

The WT325 wind tunnel can be shipped worldwide in a transport box. Transport in a sea container (40 foot high cube) is possible without any problems. The WT325 allows for measurement according to FMVSS108.


Design type open loop
Measuring cross section 1000 x 1000 mm
Measuring length 1000 mm
Topspeed 2 m/s
Turbulence level 5 %

Datasheet WT325

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