BWT Control 01

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Wind tunnel control with touch panel

General information

Windtunnel Control with touch panel (BWT Control 01)

• Internal barometric pressure sensor
• Differential pressure sensor for dynamic pressure / recorded by Prandl probe in the air flow
• PT100 for measuring the air temperature
• Display and control program for Windows
• Accuracy in the speed range 10 to 100% of the maximum speed better than 1% of the measured value


• Delivery includes arm Rittal CP-40
• Case dimensions (H x W x D) 430mm x 380 x 90 mm

The control has the following inputs / outputs:

• ON button
• Indicator light ON button
• OFF button • Emergency –
• Relay contact • Digital input
• analog interface with 0-10V
• USB on the housing

The software includes the following functions:

• Graphical user interface (display of speed, pressure, temperature, density)

Specification / input:

• dynamic pressure, velocity or speed
• Output of measured values ​​over LAN
• Reading the references via LAN
• Labview module for controlling and reading over LAN

Panel PC:

• 12 “display 800×600
• Atom 1.6GHz Dual Core
• 32GB SSD • 2GB RAM
• 2x USB (once led out of the housing)
• 2x Gb LAN
• OS Linux

Control via extern software

Access to the host PC of the wind tunnel control using LabVIEW

You can access registers in the control PC directly via Modbus TCP. This gives you the opportunity to read out parameters and also specify parameters such as target speed.

There is a register list and access is very easy, e.g. register 3 (index=2) contains the value of the actual speed (with 2 decimal places):


Setpoints can be specified via writable registers.

Of course you can also use any other language that ModbusTCP supports.


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