Windtunnel WT371

160.000,00  price without tax

Measuring cross section: 450x 450mm
Max. windspeed: 80 m/s


The WT371 is a powerful wind tunnel for operation in refrigerated containers. It has two silencers and air exchange flaps in the deflecting corners. The side window of the PIV-suitable measuring chamber can be opened using a damping mechanism. The roof window and the second side window can be removed using knurled nuts. The refrigerated container is equipped with an additional side door with a panic lock. The container is also equipped with a non-slip floor and ceiling lighting. Sockets and network sockets are installed on the front of the container so that the customer can set up a workstation to control the wind tunnel and record measured values.


Datasheet WT371

Technical Data

Design type Closed loop
Measuring cross section mm 450 x 450
Measuring length mm 850
Max. Windspeed m/s max. 80
Turbulence level  % 0,25
Contraction 4

General Specification

  • design type: closed loop (incl. sieves, honeycomb-straightener and turning vanes)
  • incl. 40′ HC refrigerated container
  • closed testsection
  • airexchange flaps in turning vanes
  • fan mounted with vibration dampers
  • double fan, two silencers
  • fan mechanically decoupled with canvas flanges
  • manholes in all relevant segments for optimal accessibility
  • frame of the windtunnel fastened on the container floor – for safe shipping (shipping not included!)
  • material: galvanized steel, painted (color: telegray, other colours request)

Power electronics and control

  • Powerelectronics incl. three phasis inverter
  • Windtunnelcontrol incl. touchpanel
    • Pressure measurement of the ambient pressure and the differential pressure on the Prandtl probe to measure the flow velocity (accuracy at 20..100% flow velocity >1%)
    • Flow temperature measurement using PT100
    • Further information about the control can be found here


If desired, additional accessories, such as a rotary-tilt-unit, can be installed.

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