Windtunnel WT317 (rev_b)

Measuring cross section: 6000 x 4000 mm
Max. windspeed: 12 m/s


Datasheet WT317 rev_b

Technical Data

Design type Open loop
Measuring cross section mm 6000 x 4000
Measuring length mm 4000
Max. windspeed m/s 12
Turbulence level  % 3
Contraction 2

General Specification

  • design type: open loop (incl. Sieves and honeycomb-straightener)
  • turbulence level: 1%
  • measuring of windspeed by differential pressure measurement
  • controlled windspeed
  • horizontal structure
  • testsection is closed
  • NOTE: matching power electronics here
  • NOTE: matching control here
  • NOTE: due to further develompent changes are reserved


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Baltic Windtunnel GmbH

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