Turning mechanism TM-1

Heigth: 59mm
Diameter: 190mm

Electromechanical turning mechanism for easy adjustment of the angle of attack of wind tunnel models in the measuring chamber. This can be retrofitted to existing wind tunnels or integrated into new designs.
The rotating mechanism is integrated into the measuring chamber by replacing the base plate and retrofitting a sheet metal pan. A wind tunnel scale is installed under the rotating mechanism, which, depending on requirements, records up to 3 forces and 3 moments on the wind tunnel model, which is screwed onto the rotating mechanism.

The rotating mechanism is powered by 230V luminous flux. It enables the wind tunnel models to be rotated by ±40°, even while the wind tunnel is running. The rotating mechanism has 14 connections for the silicone hoses of the wind tunnel models. The pressure of the measuring bores in the wind tunnel models is guided through the rotary mechanism to the underside of the measuring chamber.

Datasheet TM-1

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