Windtunnel WT317(c)

Windkanal - Windtunnel WT317 rev_cWindkanal - Windtunnel WT317 rev_c

Measuring cross section: 6000 x 4000 mm
Max. windspeed: 15 m/s
Testsection: open (0/4)


Technical Data

Design type   Closed loop
Measuring cross section mm 6000 x 4000
Measuring length mm 4000
Max. windpseed m/s 15
Contraction   1
Turbulence % 3 @50% windspeed

General Specification
  • design type: closed loop (incl. sieves, honeycomb-straightener and turning vanes)
  • open testsection
  • fan mounted with vibration dampers
  • fan mechanically decoupled with canvas flanges
  • manholes in all relevant segments for optimal accessibility
  • frame oft he windtunnel can be fastened to the floor
  • material: galvanized steel (colors on request)
  • NOTE: matching power electronics here
  • NOTE: matching control here
  • NOTE: due to further develompent changes are reserved