Wind Tunnel WT037

Measuring Area: 800 x 800 mm
Wind speed: 30 m/s
Sales price without tax 122290,00 €



Design   Göttingen type
Nozzle cross section mm 800 x 800
Wind speed m/s to 30
Turbulence intensity   1

General Specifications
  • Type: Göttingen Type/ Closed circuit wind tunnels (incl. mesh, honeycombs and turning vanes)
  • Test section is closed
  • Fan mounted with vibration dampers
  • Fan mechanically decoupled
  • Access panels 8 pieces for easy access
  • Screwable frame of the windtunnel at the bottom
  • Material: galvanized steel (color on request)
  • NOTE : Matching power electronics here
  • NOTE : Matching windtunnel control here
  • NOTE : Due to advancements changes are reserved