Windtunnel Models

Windtunnel Models

Here you will find a selection of our wind tunnel models. If the right model is not included, send us an inquiry including a sketch by e-mail or give us a call! We will make you an offer and manufacture an individual model according to your requirements.

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Windtunnelmodel NACA4412

Windtunnelmodel NACA 4412 Height 395mm

Windtunnelmodell NACA0012

Windtunnelmodel NACA0012 Heigth 395mm

Windtunnelmodell Cylinder 80

Windtunnelmodell Cylinder 80 Height 395mm

Set - simple models

Simple models Ø100mm Ball - Cone - Disc

Baseplate for simple Windtunnel models

Baseplate for simple Windtunnel models